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we know and use all 16 promotional mechanics

Backed by 25 years of global sales promotion expertise, we are introducing our online platform, Trevor™, that allows brands to quickly launch a sales promotion at low cost.



Instant Win, Cashbacks, Prize Draws, Gift With Purchase, Unique Codes. If you would like to see examples and case studies, please contact us here.

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M16 promotional strategy HQ

About M16

At M16, we are the vanguard of promotional marketing, wielding the full arsenal of 16 distinct promotional mechanics to elevate your brand beyond the competition.

Our expertise ensures that your product shines and sells without the need for price discounts.We are not just marketers; we are Agents of innovation, deploying bold, creative visions that get the job done with unparalleled efficiency.

Imagine a world where your brand is synonymous with success and sophistication. Envision your products flying off the shelves, propelled by meticulously crafted promotional campaigns that captivate and convert.

Our team of Agents operate with military precision, delivering smooth, no-fuss solutions that obliterate obstacles and drive results.

At M16, we don't just sell products for brands; we create compelling mechanics that resonate with your audience. We are the unsung heroes behind your brand's triumph, the strategic masterminds who turn visions into reality.

Join us, and experience the power of promotional mechanics that transform ordinary into extraordinary. Welcome to M16 – where creativity meets execution, and excellence is the standard.

Our Services


We provide a wide range of promotional services, including instant win games, cashback offers, and prize draws.

Online Platforms

Our robust online platforms make it easy to manage and track your promotional campaigns.

Gift with Purchase

Boost sales and customer loyalty with our gift with purchase promotions.