We have your mechanic in a price fight

M16 promotional strategy HQ

About M16

We are a brand new promotional marketing agency launching in the UK.

At M16, we know and have used every type of sales promotion mechanic available. There are 16 distinct promotional mechanics in our armoury, which is how we came up with our name - M16 (16 Mechanics).

Choosing the right mechanic is vital. And matching the right mechanic with the right offer to the target audience can elevate the promotion into viral status.

Our staff are highly experienced promotional “agents” with 25 years of global expertise in creating and delivering strategic consumer promotions for large multinational brands.

We like to think of ourselves as “price fighters”, creating value-add promotions that compete head-on with price discounting, yet deliver a greater good to profit margins and brand protection.

We operate with precision, delivering smooth solutions that tackle problems and deliver results.

We don’t just sell products for brands, we use compelling mechanics that resonate with your target audience.

We are small in number, creative, very efficient and affordable in comparison to our competitors.

Join us, and experience the power of promotional mechanics that transform an ordinary promotion into extraordinary.